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GEBKİM Kindergarten Opened

By 6 October 2021 No Comments


The Opening Ceremony of GEBKİM Kindergarten was held with the participation of Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank and Kocaeli Governor Seddar Yavuz

GEBKİM Kindergarten, the foundation of which was laid 8 months ago by the Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, was put into service with a ceremony held with the participation of Minister Varank and Kocaeli Governor Seddar Yavuz. GEBKİM Kindergarten, which was opened to raise the children of productive families in the best way, will serve not only working families, but also families in the region with its capacity of 120 full-time students and 240 half-day students. In GEBKİM Kindergarten, which consists of six classrooms and four workshops, the Montessori Class where children will explore the world, the Art Class where they will experience art, the Gymnastics Class where they can perform sports activities in the winter season, the Chemistry Class where they will experience chemistry, the Culture Class where they will learn about world cultures, the Space Class where they will discover the limits of space, 70 different intelligences. There is a Brain Games Class where they can play the game, a Foreign Language Class where they will be taught a foreign language in their mother tongue, a Fairy Tale Class where they can listen to fairy tales and develop their imaginations, and most importantly, a Math Class that will make mathematics no longer an element of fear.