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GEBKİM 2020 Almanac Published!

By 6 October 2021 No Comments

The world of business, economy and education met in GEBKİM Almanac


GEBKİM, which sets an example for Turkey as the first specialized organized industrial zone of the chemical industry, brought together the outstanding developments of 2020 and the targets for 2021 in the GEBKİM 2020 Almanac. The GEBKİM Almanac, enriched with the opinions and articles of the important actors of the chemical industry, the Turkish economy and the valuable names who shape the education vision, also shed light on the problems of the sector.


Established in Kocaeli Dilovası, GEBKİM discussed the 2020 and 2021 projections of the chemical industry under the shadow of Covid-19 with its almanac study. The study, which included the activities of GEBKİM Chemistry Specialized OIZ and GEBKİM Education, Research and Health Foundation in detail, also offered the opportunity to get to know the industrialists of GEBKİM, who keep their finger on the pulse of the economy.

Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk also wrote an article in the GEBKİM Almanac containing his valuable views on education. Ziya Selçuk, in his article, states that “We provide our children with responsibility, honesty, intelligence, self-confidence, patience, the spirit of research and creativity, being organized and disciplined; love for people and social life, respect for the environment; We are in an effort to implement an education model that we aim to provide permanent behavioral and cognitive characteristics such as “patriotism, team spirit and solidarity” with the common agreement of all layers of the society. Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk, during his visit to GEBKİM Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, which was brought into education by the GEBKİM Foundation, described the school as a “Success Story” and thanked the GEBKİM Foundation.

Kocaeli Governor Seddar Yavuz, Kocaeli Provincial Director of National Education Fehmi Rasim Çelik, Kocaeli University Rector Prof. Dr. Sadettin Hülagü, Gebze Technical University Rector Prof. Dr. Muhammed Hasan Aslan, Chief Physician of Kocaeli University Hospital Prof. Dr. Nuh Zafer Cantürk, Chairman of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) İsmail Gülle, Istanbul Chemicals and Products Exporters’ Association Chairman Adil Pelister, were among the other names that met on the pages of the GEBKİM Almanac.

The strategically important sector of the Turkish economy, chemistry, has proven itself in the Covid-19 pandemic with its indispensable products for life. The companies continued production by taking all measures for the health and safety of their employees. The important actors of the chemical industry and the Presidents of Non-Governmental Organizations contributed to the Almanac with their evaluations for the sector and their predictions for 2021.

KİPLAS Chairman of the Board Levent Kocagül, Plastic Industrialists’ Federation (PLASFED) Chairman Ömer Karadeniz, Chairman of the Board of the Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD) Zeki Sarıbekir, Turkish Plastics Industrialists Research, Development and Education Foundation (PAGEV) Chairman of the Board Yavuz Eroğlu, Plastics Industrialists’ Association (PAGDER) Chairman of the Board Selçuk Gülsün, SEPA-Sert Plastic Packaging Manufacturers Association Chairman of the Board Mustafa Kınacı, Rubber Association Chairman Nurhan Kaya, Composite Industrialists Association Chairman Barış Pakiş, in his articles, discuss the current developments in the sub-sectors of chemistry and the sector. posed their problems.

ITU Faculty of Management, Management Engineering Lecturer Prof. Dr. Öner Günçavdı signed an analysis for the GEBKİM Almanac, which took a picture of the current situation of the Turkish economy and the problems that aggravated during the pandemic process, and included solutions. Sabancı University Materials Science and Nanoengineering Program Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Yusuf Menceloğlu, Chairman of the Board of Dünya Newspaper Hakan Güldağ, Journalist-Author Metin Can; They were among the names that met in the GEBKİM Almanac with their valuable articles containing their opinions and future predictions on topics such as new trends, technologies and digital transformation. Bengü Türk, the Founder and General Manager of PMO Partners, gave detailed information to the readers of the Almanac about the changing trends in the chemical industry and the GEBKİM Technology Development Center, which will be established to ensure digital transformation. İzgören Academy Founder and Trainer Ahmet Şerif İzgören also made a significant contribution to the study with the “Our Focus is the Future” themed training specially prepared for GEBKİM Almanac readers, in addition to his evaluations on the change experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic process and its impact on the education world.

GEBKİM Chemistry Specialized Organized Industrial Zone and GEBKİM Foundation Chairman of the Board Vefa İbrahim Araç said that 21 years ago, they broke new ground by bringing chemical industry companies together in an organized structure with a common business culture. Stating that GEBKİM plays a pioneering role with projects in the fields of education and health as well as its contribution to the country’s economy, Vefa İbrahim Araç said, “As a team that knows the Turkish industry well, we were aware of the importance of chemistry for our country and the needs in this field. We wanted to bring the dispersed chemical industry establishments together in the right location, in an organized industrial zone that has a modern infrastructure required by chemistry, respecting people and the environment, fostering a culture of doing business together, and furthering our competitiveness with the synergy to be created. The idea of ​​clustering with these goals pointed to a forward-looking vision in the conditions of that period. We set out to create a chemistry ecosystem in which companies in the same sector put the fierce competition aside and cooperate with the culture of doing business under the roof of the specialized OIZ, and we were successful in this. Companies in GEBKİM Chemistry Specialized OIZ; by combining their talents, differences and strengths, they add strength to their power. Cooperation, environmental sensitivity, investment in innovation, honest business, service to the development of the country, and most importantly, investment in people are the common denominator of all companies in our region.

Stating that GEBKİM OSB continues to grow as the exemplary clustering model of the chemical industry, he said, “The modern infrastructure designed specifically for the needs of the industry, its social facilities, the understanding of production respectful to the environment and people, its management vision, GEBKİM Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, Kindergarten. In addition to EU projects, digital transformation and innovation studies, we have gone beyond our dreams with public, local government and university collaborations. With the diligent work of our companies, we will continue to increase the added value we provide to our city and country with each passing day. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the GEBKİM Almanac study, which also revealed the works of GEBKİM and our companies and included the articles of very valuable names.”