Frequently asked Questions

Which buses can I take from Izmit to Gebkim Organized Industrial Zone?

You can reach very close to Gebkim OSB with public transportation lines numbered 302 and 320.

What are the business lines that can take place in the Gebkim Organized Industrial Zone?

Paint industry, cosmetics industry, cleaning materials, plastic industry, chemical production, pharmaceutical industry, food additives business lines can take place in the OIZ.

What areas are offered to companies that want to invest in the chemistry business line?

Companies that want to invest; We provide comfort in many areas where we are close to the port, airport and railway, qualified labor is easy to supply, the transfer of raw materials to the factories at the port is short and easy, and infrastructure services are planned and run smoothly.

What kind of services do you offer to participating companies?

To the regional participants; electricity, security, central wastewater treatment, health unit, snow fighting, truck park, hotel, fire department, 24/7 ambulance, water and natural gas services are provided.