Fire Services

GEBKİM Fire Department, in accordance with Article 60 of the “Civil Defense Affairs Manual for Departments and Institutions” prepared as a basis for the Civil Defense Law No. 7126, and also in accordance with the provisions of the Organized Industrial Zones Law No. 4562 and the 128th Article of the Organized Industrial Zones Implementation Regulation prepared in accordance with this Law. was established to fulfill its mission.

GEBKİM Fire Department provides 24/7 service on 01.10.2012 with 1 Fire Chief 9 personnel, 1 multi-purpose 24 meter ladder and a fire truck with 8.5 tons of water and 850 lt Foam in shifts.

Our aim is to provide close cooperation and cooperation with the industrial facilities that will start operating and operating, with the needs and possibilities of our Region at the forefront, and to spread the “precautionary culture” in the works carried out and to provide added value to the values ​​of our industrialists.

The most effective solution to prevent a fire from turning into a disaster is to take appropriate and timely precautions and have it taken.

Fire Brigade Hotline
+90 262 290 1010