Based on the principle that industrialization should be harmonized in the context of “city-human-environment” and the philosophy of “livable environment and sustainable development”, the initiative to establish a Chemical Specialized Organized Industrial Zone was initiated in order to structure industrialization in a regular and healthy manner.

In this context, KOSDER (Association of Chemical Employers Organized Industrial Zones), which was formed by chemical industrialists, gained legal personality in 1998 and started its activities in order to establish an OIZ in Kocaeli – Gebze region.

In the studies, it has been seen that the chemical industry facilities that are still in production, wanting to grow and are scattered in Istanbul and Kocaeli – Gebze should be combined under the roof of a Specialized OIZ. Businesses located in or near the city cause irregular urbanization, and as a result, the infrastructure capacity of the city is challenged. In order to prevent this situation, it is aimed to establish an OIZ in an area with excellent infrastructure, respectful to the environment and suitable for investment.

As a result of the researches, GEBKİM – Kocaeli Gebze V (Chemistry) Specialized Organized Industrial Zone, which was located at a distance of approximately 3 km to the TEM road and 4 km to the port, in Kocaeli Province Gebze District Kocabayır Tepe Locality, has 29 registers with the approval of the “Establishment Protocol” on 08.12.2000. It was registered in the Ministry Registry Book by obtaining its number and gained the legal personality feature.

GEBKİM Legal Entity;

  • Investment Monitoring Coordination Department
  • Gebze Chamber of Commerce
  • Chemical Employers Organized Industrial Zones Association

It was created by its participation.

In GEBKİM, which was established entirely with the financing of the industrialists, the Investment Monitoring Coordination Department takes place with 12%, the Gebze Chamber of Commerce 6%, and the Chemical Employers Organized Industrial Zones Association with a participation share of 82%.

In the light of these developments, GEBKİM carries out the necessary projects, one by one, for the placement of enterprises in special areas outside the city and separated from the city by green bands, infrastructures of which have been completed, and reserve areas that allow the regular development of the industrialist, in accordance with the city plans.

GEBKİM – Kocaeli Gebze V (Chemistry) Specialized Organized Industrial Zone covers a total area of ​​2,447 decares and is the first Specialized Organized Industrial Zone established in Turkey’s chemistry business. A final Preliminary EIA Report has been received for the region. In this direction, companies that will invest in the OIZ will not receive an EIA Report in accordance with the “EIA IS NOT REQUIRED” Document issued for the region.

The region has been subdivided according to business lines in order to reduce the costs of industrialists and to use infrastructure services efficiently in connection with their fields of activity, and sub-areas of the chemical industry have been grouped and settled within the region. Due to the fact that the companies that will take place in the OIZ are together with other representatives in their business lines and raw material suppliers, they will gain cost advantages and many services will be realized economically.

When the region becomes operational, it is planned to allocate space for institutions and facilities that are deemed appropriate within the region so that the industrialists can carry out their works with both public and private institutions as soon as possible. In this direction, it is aimed to bring together industrialists and other organizations with our Region in the fields of electricity, natural gas, zoning-settlement, environment, security, education and health.

In addition, due to the fact that the region is a chemistry specialized organized industrial zone and the chemistry business line is special in terms of both raw materials and production, a fire department specialized in the region and the production issues of the region has been established.

GEBKİM – Kocaeli Gebze V (Chemistry) Specialized Organized Industrial Zone, which was established with the gathering of distinguished representatives of the chemical industry in Turkey, aims to be a pioneer in the chemical industry of our country and to create an ideal investment and trade environment.

In addition to all these activities, GEBKİM continues its preparations for waste disposal, which is extremely important for both the industrialist and the country, and aims to put the aforementioned facility into service simultaneously.